the Hayduke Trail


Useful Hayduke links and related sites

Some nice sites that inspired us relating to the Hayduke Trail and the south west desert.

Mike Coronella
Co-founder of the trail and co-author of the guidebook with fantastic exploration. Lots of trail updates on the website
Hayduke Trail guidebook
If you are thinking of hiking the Hayduke then the book is a must...
Hayduke website
Co-founder of the Hayduke Joe Mitchell's website
Across Utah!
Jamal David Green's excellent and extensive website describing his crossings of Utah with lots of Hayduke overlap. A treasure trove of information- nice videos too!
Grand Enchantment Trail
Brett Tucker has created many other backpacking adventures in the south west including the G.E.T, the Northern New Mexico Loop and the Sky Islands Traverse. Each has a mapset and planning pack-superb!
Andrew Skurka
Hayduke map bundle and resources pack
Nicolas C Barth
Sublime Hayduke photos and well described alternates with maps
Micheal Kelsey's guidebooks
These are wonderful guidebooks covering a lifetime of adventure on the Colorado plateau. 'Canyon Hiking Guide to the Colorado Plataeu' is a must for inspiration and researching alternates but the others are great too!
Edward Abbey
Writer, environmental campaigner and inspiration behind the Hayduke Trail
Grand Canyon permits
You will need a permit for your Hayduke hike through Grand Canyon National Park.....
Slot canyons of the American south west
Lots of information on hiking the canyons
Arizona Trail
The Hayduke makes use of this trail for around 60 miles in Northern Arizona. The AZT continues all the way south through the state of Arizona for 800 miles
Other hikers list
My linked list of other hiker accounts, blogs and advice
Li Brannfors
The best maps of the Hayduke with lots of alternates and help text( )