the Hayduke Trail


Hayduke hiker links

These are some Hayduke trail accounts that we have come across, all of which make great reading.

Arlette Laan 2017 Westbound
Lovely photos and descriptions. Hiking with Prana and Haiku. Makes you want to get out there and hike!
Treehugger and Blisterfree 2016 Westbound
Two experienced desert hikers set out westbound March 31st from Arches NP and another excellent journal. Interesting comparison of Grand Enchantment Trail with Hayduke from the GET's creator.
Carrot Quinn 2016 Westbound
From the author of 'Thru Hiking will break your heart' - Carrot and Dan's 2016 hike
Drop-n-roll 2016 Westbound
The two Kate's hike in 2016 - including packrafts and a return to Moab by bike!
Katherine Cook 2015 Westbound
Superb account of a daring hike taking in many variations into wild terrain
Erin Saver 'Wired' 2015 Westbound
Wired's blog partly with Katherine and partly with Gavin. Another great trip account. Wired's web site has lots of hiker info plus a link to a Hayduke introductory article written for Trail Magazine.
Niki and Tenny 2014 Westbound
Nice blog and photos
Lisa Curry and 'KCop' 2014 Westbound
An enjoyable read of a recent hike on the trail in autumn 2014 with dog Shilo!
Spiderwoman and The Brawn 2014 Westbound
Lots of detailed Hayduke tips in word documant format
Brian and Martina 2014 Westbound
This site! Our blog, photos and hiker tips including alternatives such as yellow rock and kayaking the Colorado from Moab to the Green River confluence
Brian Tanzman 'Buck30' 2013 Westbound
Excellent account of his succesful Hayduke hike with Skittles including detailed hiker advice
Rich Larson 'Skittles' 2013 Westbound
Another excellent trail journal with Brian Tanzman
Dirtmonger 2013 Eastbound
Huge 'Vagabond Trail' hike including the Arizona, Hayduke and Grand Enchantment Trails
Nicolas C Barth 2013 Westbound
Sublime photos and alternates. Unlucky to be halted by a Grand Canyon park closure
Pace and Whitefish 2012 Westbound
Nice trail journal from experienced hikers
Cam Honan 2012 Westbound
Cam hiked westward on the Hayduke to the Grand Canyon south rim before continuing on the Arizona Trail and then the Grand Enchantment Trail to complete a 'Southwestern Horseshoe' route- sounds fun!
Ben Mayberry 2011 Eastbound
Part of a mega hike on the Arizona Trail, Hayduke, connection to the Continental Divide up to Canada to finish on the Great Divide Trail
Sandra and Larry Taylor 2011 Eastbound
Great blog of a Arizona and Hayduke Trail journey plus more!
Pony Express 2009 Eastbound
Enjoyable trail journal of Pony Express, Lindy and Sharon's charity eastbound hike
Andrew Skurka 2009 Westbound
Early February start. Andrew created a Hayduke map bundle and resource as a result
Whiptail and Caron 2009 Westbound
Nice blog and paddled the Colorado for a few days from Moab
Dave and Michelle 2009 Westbound
Their first long backpack and another great journal
Ryan Choi 2008 Westbound
A classic! Ryan's descriptive account with Ben Deumling and heap's of detours
Justin Lichter 2008 Westbound
'Trauma' completed the first ever Pacific Crest Trail hike in winter 2014-15 with 'Pepper'
Shawn Forry 2008 Westbound
With 'Trauma'
Mike Coronella 2005 Westbound
Co-originator of the trail and co-author of the guidebook with fantastic exploration. Lots of trail updates on the website
Brian Frankle 2005 Eastbound
The first continuous Hayduke hike- and a great account too!