continental divide trail


Hiking back from Pinedale

Continental Divide Trail

A walking route that traverses the length of the US Rockies from Mexico to Canada for over 2,500 miles
The CDT crosses through the US states of New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming, Idaho and Montana. We hiked about 300 miles in 2004 along the CDT in Colorado, south from the Wyoming/Colorado border. In 2009 we hiked the remainder- starting on the Mexico border we hiked New Mexico then Colorado. We then drove to the Canadian border and hiked back south through Montana and Wyoming.

Our walk
Brian and Martina's photos Our photographs from the hike and two YouTube videos....
A Wee Walk Blog Our blog of the hike
Big Sky variant We hiked a 350 mile variation from the CDT in southern Montana and Yellowstone, Wyoming. More information here where you can download an overview map and detailed topo maps of the CDT 'Big Sky variant' between near Butte MT and Togwatee Pass WY.
Our walk on Google maps New Mexico, Colorado are COMPLETE. Wyoming and Montana are under construction.....

Links to information on the CDT CDT map Gila River
CDT email newsgroup On-line forum about the trail. A great source of information.
Jonathan Ley Maps of the CDT and a fantastic project. Also an inspiring journal of his 2001 CDT hike.
Continental Divide Trail Society Long distance hiker friendly. Provides detailed guidebooks, map packages, updates and Dividends bi-annual newsletter. Campaigns for a motor free trail.
Continental Divide Trail Coalition Working to support and maintain the trail
CDT handbook by Yogi Useful guide with details of towns along the way, overall distances and advice from previous hikers (including ourselves!).
Current snow levels on the CDT Shows the current snow depths at points along the CDT against yearly averages.
Other Journals Links to other CDT hiker journals

Other sites
Karen Berger CDT author
Big Sandy Lodge Wyoming lodge at the southern end of the Wind river range
Spiriteagle CDT hikers
trailforums discussion groups including CDT and gear

Other trails near to the Continental Divide Trail
Grand Enchantment Trail 700 mile desert trail near the CDT in New Mexico and Arizona
Great Divide Trail the divide's continuation into the Canadian Rockies
Arizona Trail crosses Arizona from Mexico to Utah past the grand canyon
Colorado Trail shares some paths with the CDT in Colorado
Our Hayduke Trail site we hiked in 2014 and a wonderful desert canyon experience

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