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Our Journey In the summer of 1998, Brian and Martina, two Scottish based mountaineers, attempted to walk across the United States from the Mexican border to Canada. The route we aimed to follow was the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT), which, at 2,600 miles in length, is one of the hardest but also most magnificent long distance walks in the world. Read about our journey starting on the Mexican Border in Southern California....

The Trail The PCT follows mountain ridges which run parallel to the Pacific coastline from the border of Mexico into Canada through California, Oregon and Washington states. As well as passing through mountain ranges such as the Sierra Nevada and Cascades the route also traverses vast regions of forest and desert. A huge range of climatic conditions were experienced, from the arid Mojave desert in Southern California to the snow covered mountain ranges in Washington and California. The PCT reaches a height of 13,000 feet at Forester Pass in the Sierra Nevada mountains and drops to a low point of 150 feet above sea level as it crosses the Columbia river gorge. Volcano's dominate the crest throughout northern California and Oregon. Read more in Planning.....

Our Style We aimed to stick to the wildest route that we could and to spend the absolute minimum time walking on roads. To do this, we carried camping equipment and up to 10 days food, water and stove fuel with us. This gave us the freedom to camp where and when we liked, vary our itinery and stay as flexible as we could.... more in Planning.....


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